Stripe Me Happy…

Stripe Trend

Stripes are springing up on Pinterest…. street-style, bloggers and celebs all getting their stripe on.

Olivia Palermo takes a coffee break, layering a monochrome top with a chunky crystal, statement necklace. Blogger and lifestyle guru Natalya of Five Five Fabulous rocks off-duty stripes at Fashion Week in Paris. Grazia snapped this stripy goddess at New York Fashion Week, working the stripe trend from head to toe. I’ve already bought the shoes and skirt in this edit, so just the necklace, top and bag to go then!

Stripe Skirt, Next, £20. Shoes, Next, £35. Top, Next, £4.50. Necklace, ASOS, £15. Lulu Guinness, Katie Bag, £245.


Fashion in 5 with Stripes & Sequins Grace Atwood

It’s pretty rare I find anyone as obsessed with sparkle as I am. Grace Atwood owner of Stripes & Sequins beats all other glitter girls hands down, with weekly DIY projects designed to put some sparkle in your life for less… I’m seriously impressed!

Ferragamo flats

1. What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

A pair of Ferragamo flats, a mirrored cabinet for my apartment, some thin rings to stack.

2. Describe your own personal style?

Classic with a little bit of edge.

3. Which trends will you be working this season?

Lots of leather, emerald-green and piles of jewelry.

(Steal Graces’ style and stack your rings sky-high, the set below is from ASOS).

ASOS4. Tell us about your favourite dress and what you love about it?

My favorite dress is a simple black Gucci LBD. I wear it anytime I have a big event or meeting and need something special to wear.

5. Your favourite under-rated brand?

Old Navy! I find so many great pieces there that don’t break the bank.

Thanks Grace.xx

Fashion Week: Riot or Wrong?

Protest at Nina Ricci

(image from Marie Claire)

Two half-naked women from the feminist group Femen stormed the catwalk at the Nina Ricci show in Paris last week.

The protesters had slogans scrawled across their chests ‘Model don’t go brothel’ and ‘Fashion Dictaterror’ to publicise their views on the fashion industry. Things got physical on the catwalk as one of the protestors grabbed Brit model Hollie-May Saker’s arm. Is the catwalk really the place for protest? This isn’t the first time the Ukrainian group have disrupted fashion week and I’m guessing it won’t be the last time we see this kind of action. As a journalist I’m all for free speech, I make a living expressing my views and reporting events like this one.

Spare a thought for Nina Ricci, I know what it takes to put on a fashion show (studying fashion design in college and uni). Months of dedication and hard work go into creating a collection, taking an idea that exists in your mind and putting it on the catwalk to be judged by your peers. I’ve stood backstage nervously making last-minute adjustments to my designs, the moment when you stand back and let your collection go out into the world is terrifying. It’s personal- time spent away from family and friends, all those hours obsessing over every last detail, that’s as personal as it gets! In that moment I strongly suspect Nina Ricci must have been gutted. The show will be remembered as ‘the one with the two topless women’ and not much more.

Slogan Trend S/S14

(1. ETRE CECILE, Bad Ass Paris tee, £80, 2. ASOS, Treat bag, ASOS £28, 3. ASOS, Love Me shirt, ASOS £36, 4. Markus Lupfer, Blooming Gorgeous Tee, £225, 5. Meadham Kirchhoff, Marry Me tee, £165)

In a twist of irony it also seems like the protesters were actually ‘on-trend’. Designers Alexander Wang, SISTER by Sibling, Dior, Kenzo and Celine included slogans and embellished messages in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Marking a trend for statement fashion, here’s a little selection of what’s available to buy now.

French Connection… From Sketch To Store.

French Connection

Bravo French Connection, I adore your From Sketch to Store campaign!

When the French Connection catalogue arrives it is always a good day. Last week the A/W13 book landed on the mat and even though I’d already had a preview of this season’s collection from the highly publicised Rankin campaign, the catalogue means I can really scrutinise the designs and figure out what would work on me (the digital catalogue is available here).

French Connection

The whole point of the A/W13 campaign was to highlight the fact that French Connection actually design their own collection in-house and don’t ‘borrow’ from other designers. Ever noticed that some retailers have scarily similar designs, almost identical? It’s a sensible idea when you think about it, reproducing last season’s best seller and you’re pretty much guaranteed success. Design something new and it’s a leap into the unknown- it may turn out to be a big hit or epic flop.

I cringe slightly to use this phase but ‘fortune favours the brave’ where fashion is concerned. Reproduce the same old design with no hint of innovation and you will fall behind.

French Connection

From Sketch to Store celebrates the design process. I’m not suggesting radical change but it would be nice to see variety and originality. Take inspiration from the past by all means but inject it with a good dose of fresh talent (check out GFW for inspirational design- we have some amazing talent in the UK). Congratulations to French Connection for reminding everyone (myself included) just how important originality really is.

Tie-Dye for Nails

Ombre nails

Hot pink nails never fail to shine in the summer sun.

Tie-dye doesn’t scream subtle to me, it screams ‘pass me the tequila and show me the piñata’ but that’s another story! Instead opt for a two-tone look in a summery shade and you’ve got yourself a sublime manicure. The look is easy to create and although half way through I was convinced it was going to be hideous, the last lick of clear nail varnish seemed to transform the nails into a slick and pretty manicure. Details on the techniques I used to achieve the look are available here from the lovely folk at Heat.

LFW Highlights

London Fashion Week is well and truly over for another season. I think we can all agree LFW was on fire this season- in the words of BFC chief exec Caroline Rush, London created ‘the perfect storm’. Here are my LFW highlights……

– Marios Schwab


I have a soft spot for Marios Schwab, dark and delicious is always on the menu. This time capes, peek-a-boo slits and heavy, black applique created a suitably dramatic show. Off the shoulder, full-length velvet gowns gave a theatrical nod to a bygone era. Knitwear was sumptuous, snake-skin added a modern twist and patent leather amped up the sex appeal. Rich burgundy, warm cream, matte black and a dash of navy coloured the whole collection.

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FFH Weekly Gems…. Tatty Devine Sunshine

Tatty Devine

Do a little dance for this beautiful Goddess Sunrise Necklace from Tatty Devine. All key S/S13 trends covered in one stunning piece- bright sunshine yellow, tribal, statement bling, multi-colours and cute animals. Look closely and you’ll see all the little elephant pendants have different coloured crystal eyes- too cute!

Mani Monday Montage

Monday has officially been re-named manicure Monday. Last week I conducted a how-to Kusama style manicure masterclass, adding Louis Vuitton spots to my talons. This week I scanned twitter for some design inspiration. I found a bevy of gems and jewels to spark your creativity (some of these are incredible, far above anything I could do at home!) If you fall in love with one of these looks but find it way above your skill set, you can usually take an element of the design, simplify it but still achieve the desired look. Have a little practice tonight in front of the TV and give one of these trends a go.

Twitter inspiration………. @_burkatron, @ChalkboardNails, @kayjo928, @sera_mcdaid