Stripe Me Happy…

Stripe Trend

Stripes are springing up on Pinterest…. street-style, bloggers and celebs all getting their stripe on.

Olivia Palermo takes a coffee break, layering a monochrome top with a chunky crystal, statement necklace. Blogger and lifestyle guru Natalya of Five Five Fabulous rocks off-duty stripes at Fashion Week in Paris. Grazia snapped this stripy goddess at New York Fashion Week, working the stripe trend from head to toe. I’ve already bought the shoes and skirt in this edit, so just the necklace, top and bag to go then!

Stripe Skirt, Next, £20. Shoes, Next, £35. Top, Next, £4.50. Necklace, ASOS, £15. Lulu Guinness, Katie Bag, £245.


Five Five Fabulous…….We talk to Reem & Natalya


Five Five Fabulous stop by to talk Rihanna, River Island collaborations and what’s next for the fabulous sisters…..

Reem you’ve been busy touring with Rihanna on her 777 tour- just how fabulous was this?

– It was the experience of a lifetime, I really enjoyed getting a first hand feel for what it’s like to tour with a superstar. Everyone was interesting, everyone was fun and the cities I got to visit were all amazing.

How did the 777 project come about?

– River Island was a sponsor of the tour and they invited me along!


Your River Island collection was a great success, how did this collaboration happen?

– Arieta, the brand’s PR Manager got in touch with me about the project and I was like ‘Hell Yeah!’. It was right up my street and something I would do over and over again.

Tell me about your favourite pieces from the collection?

– I love all our pieces and I’m so thrilled with the feedback. I use the iPhone case daily as a purse. It’s fabulous!

55Fab RI

After collaborating with River Island would you consider designing a full Five Five Fabulous range?

– 100%. Natalya and I both have degrees in design and it’s something we’ve dabbled in before- you never know.

Working with your sister must be fun but how do you decide who does what?

– It’s simple, I do all the business side of stuff and Natalya gets to join in on all the creative stuff, we have a good back and forth so it works well.

I guess working together you can both play to your individual strengths?

– Definitely, Natalya is great at trend predicting and knowing what’s hot right now so she always fills me in. I’m good at PR and talking to people.

R & N

(Reem and Natalya work the decks at Selfridges).

Are you excited about the way the fashion industry is engaging with bloggers? 

– For sure, bloggers are a huge part of the fashion industry, brands have welcomed us warmly.

What’s next for Five Five Fabulous?

– Who knows. Right now, I’m just excited to go on holiday with Natalya in a couple of weeks and get some down time!

Enjoy your holiday lovely ladies, we can’t wait to see what’s next……