Cheap Tuesday

More Dash Than Cash

If you’re new to Fashion Follows Her I should probably point out this isn’t a blog focused on super scrimping and bargains, you may have made a wrong click somewhere south of The Frugality. Occasionally and mostly by accident, I stumble across a real steal that fits perfectly into the ‘more dash than cash’ category. My latest purchases fall squarely in that category- a new pair of shiny pink bow flats from M&S for the slightly ludicrous price of £3.99 down from £25’s.

M&S flatsPictured with a mix and match bikini from Tesco’s F&F range which is surprising good quality and quite flattering. Ideal for splashing about in the pool trying to tone up my thighs and bum ready for summer (the chlorine eats bikini’s for breakfast, they barely last a season so it’s not worth spending silly money on swimwear). Have you found any great buys recently?


Fashion in 5- Ellemee Promotion

Independent stores don’t have to be everything to everyone, they can operate in the sweet spot and carve out a niche. That’s why independent stores are so special and continue to be such an invaluable resource. Individual taste wins out over generic style, this is where inspirational design lives, at a price that won’t break the bank. Which is why I love online accessory retailer Ellemee, pieces are sourced from independent brands and up & coming designers so you are guaranteed to find something truly unique. Karen from Ellemee kindly agreed to answer our 5 fashion related questions….

1. What’s on your wish list at the moment? 
On my wish list, ummm let me think, this is difficult as I always want so many things!  My ultimate love to have, but not happening for a while, is the Chanel Ultra Ring which is available from September 2012.  It’s black ceramic, white gold and diamonds – a fabulous combination of loveliness. I am a sucker for diamonds. Dior have a wonderful watch out as well.  It’s the VIII, this has a white ceramic diamond head ceramic bracelet and ‘just a few’ diamonds in the watch face, beautiful!  Either of those would be lovely to have.
   (A girl after my own heart!! Chanel Ultra ring, image from
2. Describe your own personal style? 
My own personal style for public consumption is a mix of high street and lux.  For example I love my Goldsign jeans and a sheer top with a good pair of Kurt Geiger heels, vintage clutch and 1 piece of statement jewellery.  My favourite designers are Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen at the moment. Their clothes fit with the slightly quirkier side of my personality. I guess I am often described by my friends as glamorous :-\ this is all an illusion as behind the scenes I’m either dressed to walk a dog (wellies, North Face and leggings) or at home I love to wear my Jack Wills pjs and a vest top.
3. Which trend will you be working this season? 
I like the sleek lines of the Military trend and its great for coats/jackets/hats.  However I am intrigued as to what form the Edwardiana trend will hit the high street.  It’s quite romantic and theatrical – Downton for the 21st century.  I might get into that if the pieces are around as I love a bit of dressing up.  I still have time for animal print  and am glad to see it going strong for the A/W along with fake fur accessories
4. Tell us about your favourite necklace and what you love about it? 
I adore Comfort Station necklaces. My favourite at the moment is the long sliced poetry necklace in antiqued brushed brass.  It is reversible, on one side is has the geographical co-orindinates for Love, a town in the Bahamas and on the other side is an ornate engraving.  Inside it has small leaf-shaped pages cut from a poetry book. It is on a chain that has a walnut bead and swarovski crystal.  I love the attention to detail, craftmanship and uniqueness.  It is one of those pieces that looks lovely with jeans or equally special with a fabulous dress. I am extremely happy to say I will be stocking Comfort Station items from A/W 2012, including that particular piece.
5. Your favourite under-rated fashion store/brand? 
For me I always have a place for River Island bags  – they have some great on trend designs and they are beginning to tone down the huge name plate to just initials.  I have my eye on a couple that might just have to get into my wardrobe before the season ends.  H&M and New Look are always worth a look when passing.
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