Beauty Review: The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

The Body Shop

The thirteen year old girl who had her first introduction into the magical world of make-up in store at The Body Shop would be squealing with excitement right now. Fifteen years on and I’m still pretty impressed The Body Shop asked me to review one of their products. I’ve always had a soft spot for The Body Shop, as a teenager I could browse and try out products undisturbed, without being hassled by assistants who clearly knew I couldn’t afford to buy half the stuff I was testing out. As an adult I’ve come to appreciate the moral price we pay by purchasing products manufactured unethically. Shopping at The Body Shop you can forget checking the labels for place of origin or animal testing, your conscious is clear and you’re free to enjoy messing around with make-up.

So I didn’t need to check the label when a pot of Moringa Body Butter arrived, I could focus on testing out the product. Anyone who has tried The Body Shop body butter before will know, thick creamy moisturiser containing Fair Trade shea butter is standard across the whole range and this product is no exception. I did notice how quickly the body butter absorbed into my skin and was pleasantly surprised that the fragrant scent remained long after the product had disappeared into my skin. To me Moringa smells like a heady mix of honeysuckle and jasmine after a summer storm, quite delicious. This one might not be a product I’d use everyday over my entire body, as I have oily skin but I will be smoothing this lush body butter into all/any dry patches of skin to ensure I’m bikini ready for the summer- thank you The Body Shop for this lovely gift.


Fashion in 5 with Krista Madden

Krista Madden founder of Handpicked Media talks fashion and beauty.

What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

New iPad mini > my life is more tech than fashion these days.

But I’d love a pair of J Brand leather pants.

J Brand

I’m also a sucker for anything by Monica Vinader, I couldn’t even begin that wish-list.

Describe your own personal style?

I’m quite classic really, I am more practical in my style than I have been in my younger years…

If I don’t have meetings during the day I’m mostly in jeans, Ghost & Gap tops and my Blackstone or Belstaff boots around the office, so I am pretty casual.

A Theory jacket smartens that up and I do love jewellery, have some great pieces that really dress up anything, Liberty’s jewellery dept is one of my favourite places to browse…

In the summer I practically live in Ghost dresses.

I’d love to be in heels and dresses more but I walk everywhere and I have to be in flats to pound the streets avoiding cabs and the tube.

But I make sure I have good hair and my nails done, maybe it’s my background in the beauty/grooming industry but to me it’s always important to be well-groomed, even if you are in jeans & a tee.

Which trends will you be working this season?

Judging by the weather.

My men’s Uniqlo parka, Blackstone Boots & Tom Ford sunglasses, if you manage to recognise me in W1 give me a wave!

Tell us about your favourite beauty product and what you love about it?

Just one!

I have been using the Skinceuticals skincare range religiously now for 3 months and I’m really impressed, I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin texture & appearance.

I don’t want to try out any others now though, which isn’t great for!

Also love Moroccan oil for the hair, it’s a brilliant conditioning and styling product in one, makes your hair really shine.

And everyone needs a Tangle Teezer in their life!

Korres Body Butter

Your favourite under-rated beauty brand?

Korres- I love the products and the ethos behind this brand.

Originating in the first Homeopathic Pharmacy in Athens, Korres is a natural brand that doesn’t use parabens and petrochemicals.

(next week I will be reviewing Korres Basil Lemon Body Scrub… so stay tuned!).

Thanks Krista.

ESPA Beauty Review


Bloggers are in it for the freebies, inundated with free gifts from PR firms and brands seeking approval. I hate to disappoint but no, I’m afraid not. Maybe if you’re a super blogger with millions of readers, the postman might be calling more than once.

When a brand does reach out because they like the blog and respect your opinion, it really is a wonderful feeling but it doesn’t change the way I run Fashion Follows Her. If I don’t like a product and wouldn’t use/wear/love/buy/ it myself, I won’t mention the product (my mothers words ringing in my ears ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’). ESPA have been rather clever, sending over a hand written note (indulging my stationary fetish is always a good start) and a set of ‘Little Stars’. Four miniature products to try out before I decide which ones I would like to road test. To be perfectly honest I have yet to try an ESPA product I disliked but Fashion Follows Her is all about love.

Below are two products I love and both sit on my bedside table (aka the beauty cupboard).

ESPA Body Butter

Smooth and Firm Body Butter

It’s only been a week or two so I don’t think I’ve seen this products full potential yet but my skin does seem perkier. Apart from smelling delicious, I was surprised by the way the body butter almost instantly melted into my skin. Usually it takes a serious amount of buffing to work in body butter and a sticky film is left behind on the skin surface. My skin literally sucked up the body butter like a sponge and leaving silky-soft skin behind without the residue.

ESPA Skin Polish

Refining Skin Polish

Hormonal blemishes irritate the living daylights out of me. Nothing cures the nasty blotches when they break out but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to scrub them away. The majority of facial scrubs I’ve tried before have been over aggressive, leaving my skin dry and red. The ESPA Skin Polish has spherical diatomaceous earth to lift impurities which is gentle, leaving my skin clean but soothed. The next morning I inspected my skin in the mirror, my face looked fresh and brighter than usual.

Thanks ESPA.xx


Beauty Edit….Korres Jasmine Body Butter

korres body butter

Jasmine is a heavenly scent. I have a beautiful jasmine bush in my garden, memories of long summer days relaxing in the warm sunshine are infused with this exotic aroma. Combine this dreamy scent with my favourite body butter, which is frankly lush and this is a product I just have to try.

Korres Jasmine Body Butter is thick and luxurious, easily absorbed into the skin and creates a film on the skin that leaves you feeling protected all day. Shea butter moisturizes the skin while almond and avocado oil improves elasticity and appearance. Unlike most body butters, Korres body butters don’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, clogging your pores. The next day you’ll notice your skin is super soft too.

Korres has been on my radar (& in my beauty cupboard) for a few years now for two very good reasons. 1. Their products really are effective and actually manage to live up to their promises. 2. Korres products are natural and based around homeopathic remedies, the Jasmine body butter has 92.5% natural products so won’t irritate sore/sensitive skin.

(I went for a sparkly ring finger manicure using coral pink polish from M&S and A Cut Above polish from Essie).