Beauty Trend: Cuticle Tattoos

Cara Delevingne

I place the blame solely on Cara Delevingne for this beauty trend. The lion tattoo inked on Cara’s index finger opened the flood gates for something other than jewellery to adorn fashionable fingers. I like the idea of a bold display of art in such a prominent position but I’m not sure I could commit to a permanent piece of work that’s constantly on display for the rest of my life.

Rad NailsCuticle tattoos are a great decorative alternative without the permanent consequences. I first spotted nail tattoos at Ciaté but decided on Your Point from RAD Nails (partly because Ciaté had sold out of little bow tatts’ at ASOS and I couldn’t get my hands on them anywhere else for love nor money). I’ve upped the style stakes with a coat of No7 Vivid Violet polish on my nails with a glitter top coat from Ciaté on my ring finger and index nail tip.


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