Home Decor: What to hang on the walls?


That blank space on the wall beacons, what are you going to fill it with?

Deciding to go with either a picture or photograph is the first decision. Family photo’s are a lovely way of putting your life into context, remembering special days or family members that aren’t around. Too many images of your nearest and dearest can be a little overwhelming, especially in small spaces or rooms that need to have a sense of calm like the bedroom. In the bedroom I tend to opt for serene pieces of art that tone in with the rooms theme and colour scheme. Plus I hate that ‘eyes following you round the room’ feeling when I’m trying to sleep. I picked the picture above up last week from Dobbies but Not on the High Street has a great selection of unique prints and paintings.

Claire FearonAnother option is picking up the paintbrush and setting your artistic side to work. Paint, canvas and brushes are all available at most craft stores for a very reasonable price. And it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece either, just find a painting or print you like as inspiration and get started. So you may not be Monet but what does it matter? Here’s my attempt below.



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