Time for Social Media to Share?


The last 12 months has been jam-packed with fabulous fashion and beauty collaborations, Isabel Marant x H&M, Bip Ling/Pretty Ballerina, Adidas/Raf Simons, Lorde for MAC to name but a few. If collaboration is the key to success (the music industry has tons of great examples of what can be achieved when two or more exceptional talents combine forces to produce something that is so much more than the total sum of its parts), imagine what the tech boffins, hidden away in their ivory towers could achieve?

I know the subject of intellectual property is littered with ownership conflict and secrecy and yes, some of the most inspired brands and products of the 21st century were born out of undiluted genius. Idea’s that throw the rule book out the window and re-design the landscape, unrelated to anything that’s gone before.

Facebook opted for a straight buy out with Instagram, the photo sharing service is now one of the fastest growing social media platforms around. But acquisition bares little resemblance to collaboration and personally I don’t see much of an improvement in Instagram since Facebook bought the app.

More encouraging is the increasing level of investment in social media start-up’s. Large brands all desperate to discover the ‘next big thing’ first. ASAP54 predicted to become ‘Google’ of the fashion world reportedly secured $3 million in venture capital to launch their app which allows users to snap an image, submit it to ASAP54 and discover where to find that item within 24 hours. No more ‘I wonder where she got that from’- what a great idea.

I can’t help but wonder, what could be achieved if two complimentary companies combined….. the results could be phenomenal.



2 thoughts on “Time for Social Media to Share?

  1. The opportunities in app collaboration is so high and if done right can be super profitable too! I really like asap54 and the idea behind it, I’m sure it’s going to grow to be something amazing over the next few months/years.

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