Mani Monday: Back to Basics

Mani Monday Sequin manicure, matt polish, cuticle tattoos, mock croc effect…. with so many trends and nail art tricks, I fancied something more vanilla this week.

With Spring well under way, I’m hankering for a fresh, fun manicure- nothing to full-on and cumbersome. Something more light and natural, nails that compliment not compete, a look that’s a whole lot more vanilla than a feather manicure or chalkboard nails. Last year I would’ve headed straight to the nude section in my nail varnish collection (remind me to show you this sometime- I know you’ll be impressed with my colour coded, OCD organisation) but this year I’m adopting glitter as a base/nude shade. Usually glitter would fall firmly in the ‘look at me’ category but worn without a base colour and lightly applied, I think glitter qualifies as nude. Today I’m wearing silver glitter with a scatter of scarlet red dots called Ha Ha by Spa Rituals. Welcome Spring.


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