Fashion in 5 with Emmy Twenty

Emmy Twenty

New Fashion in 5 for Spring.

Sharon Sunners quit her day job in the big smoke to launch Emmy Twenty. Ballerina pumps made from real leather that don’t break the bank… that’s my kind of girl!

1. I started Emmy Twenty because….

I had looked everywhere for leather ballerina pumps at a mid-level price point. All I could find were PU versions or very pricey leather ones, I came up with the idea to design my own.

2. What I love most about my job is…..

Whenever I hear great feedback from customers, that’s a massive boost to my day.

3. If I could start my career again I would….

Keep it the same. What woman out there doesn’t love shoes?!

Emmy Twenty

4. Above all else I value….

My health. If you’ve got that, then everything else is a bonus. (Couldn’t agree more!).

5. This year is all about….

Flat shoes! They’re everywhere right now, and I’m sure the appreciation is set to stay.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness
If you’re feeling charitable purchase a pair of limited edition teal pumps, £5 will go to Ovarian Cancer Action as part of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Any excuse…..

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