Bare Minerals High Shine Eyeshadow

Bare Minerals

No more messy Bare Minerals.

Bare Minerals High Shine Eyeshadow comes in a handy handbag size, spring-loaded tube, primed and ready to make your eyelids sparkle. Unscrew the top and the applicator pops out, a short brush with a cushioned tip that makes applying the eye colour a one stroke procedure. The brush is fully loaded with a high shine pigment that comes in 12 shades (I have Moonshine, a subtle plum hue), no more tap and swirl required with this product. You can build up the colour to create one bold, high impact shade or blend a darker matt colour into the corner of the eye to create a daytime look. I expected that the velvet constancy would of eventually slipped into the eyelid creases and wrinkle but I was pleasantly surprised that the eyeshadow pretty much stayed in place. I would definitely buy another one because it was easy to use and looked so pretty.


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