Anya Hindmarch Trolley Dollies at LFW

Anya Hindmarch A/W14

Anya Hindmarch takes us to the supermarket with her Counter Couture A/W14 collection.

A conveyor belt full of sleek models glided down the catwalk, styled as a super sized barcode. Bright yellow smiley faces adorned bags and scarfs, putting feel good fun back into fashion.

Anya Hindmarch

Anya HindmarchThe real talking point was the leather accessories embellished with everyday household brands like Tony the Tiger, the Corn Flakes Cockerel, Daz and Ariel.

Anya Hindmarch Custard Cream clutchA metallic Custard Cream clutch makes the perfect night-time accessory.

Anya Hindmarch Counter Couture Models pushed mini shopping trolleys down the catwalk and who could resist adding a packet of Anya Hindmarch Coco Pops to their trolley?! Having worked in a supermarket years ago, I’ve honestly never seen such a glamorous supermarket.

All images from Anya Hindmarch.


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