Mulberry, Cara & Me…

Mulberry Cara Delevingne

Mulberry launch the Cara Delevingne collection at London Fashion Week…. oh I wish I’d been there!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how wonderful a Cara Delevingne collection would be…. just putting it out into the fashion ether. Turns out Mulberry and I are in sync, perfect fashion harmony- today Mulberry presented the Cara collection. Whippets wondered the stage, as Cara swung elegantly, twizzling around on a wooden swing. The whole extravaganza had a Mulberry, enchanted forest feel with Cara playing a naughty but nice pixie.

Mulberry handbags

The collection designed by Cara works an urban vibe, practical but elegant. The signature Mulberry luxe continues with quality craftsmanship, lush leather and iconic hardware. The collection which features quilting and camouflage, is also functional too. Three styles which can be worn in three ways (backpack, shoulder and clutch) comes in three sizes. Cara has added her own rebellious touches; iron rivets and heart-shaped patches inspired by her own tattoos hide inside, waiting to be discovered. On the base of each bag ‘Made in London’ is embossed, just like the tattoo on Cara’s foot.

So to all those haters who wondered what would become of Mulberry without Emma Hill…. this is your answer.


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