How to shop the Peter Pilotto collection online.

Peter Pilotto for Target

Today the much-anticipated Peter Pilotto collection drops at Net-A-Porter…. be sure not to miss out on the hottest collaboration this year by following these nifty little tips.

– Be persistent. Net-A-Porter have opted to keep the exact launch time a secret so be prepared to check online every half hour to make sure you don’t miss out.

– Use social media. Twitter is a great source of real-time information. I scored a pair of Isabel Marant for H&M shoes by calling the customer services number after some kind soul tweeted that H&M were taking orders over the phone, even though the online site had crashed.

 Peter Pilotto for Net-A-Porter

– Stay calm. Getting cross won’t help, just except that it will take the best part of the day to bag yourself a bargain but it’s oh so worth it!

– Re-check the next day. I know this sounds odd but checking online before bed or the next day is a good idea because sometimes after the initial rush and re-calculation a few more items become available.

– Make sure you know the basics. In a previous post I’ve outlined the basics like logging in early, checking out the size guide and deciding which items you want to purchase from the lookbook before the items go on sale.

Follow these tips and you’ll be online shopping like a pro.


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