Beauty Review… Korres Basil Lemon Body Scrub

Korres Basil Lemon Scrub

Korres Lemon & Basil Body Scrub…. Spring in a bottle.

Every time I use the Korres fresh and fruity Basil Lemon scrub in the shower I’m reminded I need to write this post but anyone who runs the show and works for them-self will know  sometimes you just don’t get round to doing everything, there’s just not enough hours in the day. So before I forget, here’s the review.

After using the heavenly Korres Lemon and Basil Shower Gel from a mini gift set, I had a pretty good idea of what the product would smell like (very zingy and refreshing) but the consistency of body scrubs can vary drastically. Personally I find pure salt scrubs too drying so this one with ground bamboo and jojoba beads is rough enough to remove dead skin but also works as a moisturizer too. The added minerals of zinc and magnesium works to hydrate the skin and relax tired muscles, great for soothing aching legs. So there you go…. that’s what I think about Korres’ Basil Lemon Body Scrub.


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