New Year’s Eve Nails

NYE Nails

Not going out New Year’s Eve…. that’s no reason to avoid a spot of New Year’s sparkle.

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve parties, I prefer to indulge in Christmas and relax at New Year. Instead I plan on staying in and pampering myself rotten. At least I will be able to step into the next year all shiny and refreshed. I gave myself a Ciate Caviar Pearl manicure for the first time today, after seeing the ever stylish Really Ree try one earlier this year. Totally impractical, I doubt it will last far into the New Year but what a fun effect. If you fancy a caviar manicure my top tip is to apply the base colour first, wait until it’s perfectly dry before adding a coat of clear varnish and pressing in the pearls, avoiding smudging the base colour. Both of the colours I used are in the Ciate Calendar which is currently half-price in the sale.

Happy New Year. x


11 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Nails

  1. Cuuuute!!! I absolutely love the caviar nails look. I’ve always wanted to try it. That will be a goal for me in the upcoming new year ❤ ❤ Have a great NYE and last day of 2013!!

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