Ciate Mini Manicure

mani ciateLast year I missed out on the Ciate Mini Manicure Calendar, so this year I pre-ordered mine extra early. 12 days in and I’m loving all the different shades and sparkles. Below is the very first manicure using the new colours, Kiss Chase for the base coat, Mistletoe sequins and a clear top coat. The mini pots are the perfect size for trying new colours and I have 11 more windows to open!

Ciate Manicure


2 thoughts on “Ciate Mini Manicure

  1. I saw the original size Ciate Manicure Calendar here in Douglas and was so sad … it was like 200€ but it was so full of love ❤ The Mini Calendar would have been sooo nice, I definitely NEED to get it next year !!!!!

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