Bliss Lemon & Sage Shampoo Beauty Review

Bliss Lemon & Sage Shampoo and Conditioner

Bliss by name, Bliss by nature…

My beauty radar twitches every time I see the baby blue Bliss shampoo & conditioner bottles. As much as I value how silky soft and clean a hair product leaves me locks, fragrance is also a big part of the whole package. When my hair goes wayward and haywire in the wind it really should smell good enough to eat! Anything less than delicious just won’t wash with me.

Bliss Lemon & Sage Shampoo & Conditioner smells of zesty lemons (as you would expect), sage is the wild card in this potion. Sage immediately brings to mind roast chicken and Sunday lunch- not really the most appealing flavour for a shampoo. Trying to keep an open mind and massaging the shampoo into my scalp the zingy lemon combined with the woody sage created a citrus summer garden scent which actually wasn’t half bad.

The shampoo took a little longer than I would have liked to work itself into a lather but my hair did finish up squeaky clean. The conditioner was excellent- soft, shiny locks guaranteed, every time. The sage works really well adding another dimension, to create a unique fragrance. What more can you ask for?


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