Cocosa to end, Amazon to open…


It’s all change online….

Cocosa announce plans to close. The designer discount retailer established in 2008, confirmed the business will be winding down in the next few months. In stark contrast Amazon, the online giant, announced plans to expand the fashion side of their business (they currently own Shopbob and Myhabit). This is part of a global plan to establish Amazon as a key e-commerce player in the fashion industry.

Talking to WWD about Amazon’s plans Cathy Beaudoin said ‘Our challenge is to help the customer quickly navigate (through the offering)’, something that has been an issue for other multi brand sites. Editing the search results to give the user a curated selection of desirable items has proved a challenge. There seems to be an element of ‘good taste’ missing. Meaning you’re bombarded with 1000’s of down right ugly items which is extremely frustrating.

Amazon plans to explore other avenues too. Mobile & social shopping are both marked as growth areas. Designer collaborations may be old news but teaming up with someone influential in the style stakes may push the retailer in the right direction, something Amazon are keen to do.

It seems Amazon have big plans, so watch this space!


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