Fashion in 5 with Kirsty Merrett

This week we caught up with jewellery maestro Kirsty Merrett- what this lady doesn’t know about gems and jewels isn’t worth knowing…

1. What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

It would have to be a Pearl and Queenie gold gypsy charm necklace, a pair of Chanel biker boots and this incredible Mary Katrantzou cape I have spotted. It’s pretty much the best thing I have seen in ages! 

Gold gypsy charm necklace

2. Describe your own personal style?

A mix of vintage and designer, lots of black, lots of bright colours, lots of jewellery. 

I’m northern, so I love the bling! I’m not so into the high street, I normally meet my shopping cravings with cheap vintage dresses and then I splash out on something I really want and love! I recently bought the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, which I adore, although it was so hard choose between the classic kitty’s and the Tom Binns kitty’s, I love a bit of Tom Binns! 

3. Which trends will you be working this season?

Probably a lot of black, a good coat or cape and the Bernstock Spiers veiled beanie. I like to layer up and be warm! 

I love a pinafore too, but I have been wearing them for years, it dates back to my Courtney Love fan-girl days! I always wish I had bought the red heart Meadham Kirchhoff pinafore dress, it was too cute. 

4. Tell us about your favourite piece of jewellery and what you love about it?

Ohhhh! That’s so hard! I have SO much jewellery, I’m a real junky for the jewels! I adore my YSL arty ring, Katie Mullally peg necklace and Chanel pearls. 

But I would have to say my Chanel brooch, it’s simple, classic, I wear it on coats, dresses, jumpers, loads! It is really simple, really special and I have really wonderful memories of when I got it too! 

Chanel brooch

It’s really simple compared to a lot of my jewellery, just a classic Chanel brooch with tiny pearls, it’s lovely! 

5. Your favourite under-rated brand?

I really adore Moschino, I have a nice collection of vintage Moschino, I never think they get enough credit for their amazing designs. It’s been 30 years of brilliance! 

I also love Croon Shoes and the Hong Kong label Daydream Nation. I also have a lot of love for the scarf designer Cleo Ferin Mercury, she’s incredible! I think she will be big news in fashion soon. 


I’m really into Joomi Lim jewels at the moment too, they are really special and exciting but I have yet to be able to afford a piece… Hopefully one day!

Thanks so much Kirsty.x


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