Mani Monday… WAH Heart Nails

Models Own

I heart Models Own WAH nail transfers.

Nail transfers never appealed before, why not just paint your pinkies with quick drying nail polish? Models Own teaming up with badass London nail studio WAH Nails for a little collaboration which caught my attention. I bought the cute heart design, great for special occasions. Application was fairly straight forward; peel off and stick on nail, file off the excess but I found that for anyone with a curved nail bed it isn’t quite that easy. To get a smooth finish with no bubbles gently fix the transfer to the middle of the nail, make two snips on either side of the sticker and ease down each side to achieve a neat finish.


7 thoughts on “Mani Monday… WAH Heart Nails

  1. I love these! On my transfers, I only do my ring fingers…u know how those are the nails everyone likes to do diff than the rest??…then I paint my others. I am so terrible at painting so I think I will do it your way next time!

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