Fashion Week: Riot or Wrong?

Protest at Nina Ricci

(image from Marie Claire)

Two half-naked women from the feminist group Femen stormed the catwalk at the Nina Ricci show in Paris last week.

The protesters had slogans scrawled across their chests ‘Model don’t go brothel’ and ‘Fashion Dictaterror’ to publicise their views on the fashion industry. Things got physical on the catwalk as one of the protestors grabbed Brit model Hollie-May Saker’s arm. Is the catwalk really the place for protest? This isn’t the first time the Ukrainian group have disrupted fashion week and I’m guessing it won’t be the last time we see this kind of action. As a journalist I’m all for free speech, I make a living expressing my views and reporting events like this one.

Spare a thought for Nina Ricci, I know what it takes to put on a fashion show (studying fashion design in college and uni). Months of dedication and hard work go into creating a collection, taking an idea that exists in your mind and putting it on the catwalk to be judged by your peers. I’ve stood backstage nervously making last-minute adjustments to my designs, the moment when you stand back and let your collection go out into the world is terrifying. It’s personal- time spent away from family and friends, all those hours obsessing over every last detail, that’s as personal as it gets! In that moment I strongly suspect Nina Ricci must have been gutted. The show will be remembered as ‘the one with the two topless women’ and not much more.

Slogan Trend S/S14

(1. ETRE CECILE, Bad Ass Paris tee, £80, 2. ASOS, Treat bag, ASOS £28, 3. ASOS, Love Me shirt, ASOS £36, 4. Markus Lupfer, Blooming Gorgeous Tee, £225, 5. Meadham Kirchhoff, Marry Me tee, £165)

In a twist of irony it also seems like the protesters were actually ‘on-trend’. Designers Alexander Wang, SISTER by Sibling, Dior, Kenzo and Celine included slogans and embellished messages in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Marking a trend for statement fashion, here’s a little selection of what’s available to buy now.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Week: Riot or Wrong?

  1. This has be the craziest thing I’ve read but the protester made her statement is what matters . I guess . I have to admit that us bold . Great post .

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