Joules Quilted Jacket… Horse Optional!

Inbox full of fashion week fun and I’m longing for home comforts.

Joules Quilted Jacket

(It seems someone else took a liking to my new jacket too!)

After four weeks of non-stop fantasy fashion, I needed a dose of country cool which was kindly provided by the lovely folk at Joules who sent over a belated birthday present. A quilted jacket is a wardrobe essential in the country. I have a long-line navy quilted jacket already so the short, fitted Moredalenew jacket in black was a perfect match. Quilted jackets are a devil to get right- too loose and you look like you’re wearing an over-sized duvet, too tight and any physical activity is pretty much impossible! Joules have the balance just right- snug but practical.

Joules Quilted Jacket

The added details really make this jacket special. The cheery yellow, floral lining and pink trim lifted the ‘everyday jacket’ from mundane to marvellous. Cord pockets and binding, metal poppers and back vents ensured this little gem didn’t lose any of its tradionial charm. Joules have a full selection of women’s coats to choose from (I also liked the pink quilted one).

JoulesEvery good country girl needs a quilted jacket…. may as well be stylish too!

A big thank you to Joules.


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