High Time for Tea


I’m not a tea snob but I do enjoy a good cuppa.

Whittard of Chelsea do the most extensive range of tea I have ever come across- so many delicious options I was slightly bewildered at first. Remembering the scrummy apple tea on offer from almost every retailer in Turkey (my parents brought home a packet from their last jaunt to Turkey which barely lasted one week). Whittard’s Turkish Apple Tea was a safe pick. I adore the tangy, sour apple tea; just sweet enough to satisfy my candy craving around 11ish. Next I added a pot of Peach Melba Tea to the basket, thanks to foodie goddess Gizzi Erskine and her squashed peach recipe which is now a firm fave of mine. Whittard’s Peach Melba Tea is essentially summer in a cup. Lastly I added a pot of Lychee & Mango, this one was the wild card- having never tried these two flavours together before I couldn’t imagine what this tea would taste like. Without knowing the exact combination, I don’t think I would have been able to identify the individual flavours. This yummy tea is best described as fragrant and fruity with an exotic aroma. Forget the nasty, artificial instant tea your great-aunt used to drink, these are lovely…. time for tea I think.


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