French Connection… From Sketch To Store.

French Connection

Bravo French Connection, I adore your From Sketch to Store campaign!

When the French Connection catalogue arrives it is always a good day. Last week the A/W13 book landed on the mat and even though I’d already had a preview of this season’s collection from the highly publicised Rankin campaign, the catalogue means I can really scrutinise the designs and figure out what would work on me (the digital catalogue is available here).

French Connection

The whole point of the A/W13 campaign was to highlight the fact that French Connection actually design their own collection in-house and don’t ‘borrow’ from other designers. Ever noticed that some retailers have scarily similar designs, almost identical? It’s a sensible idea when you think about it, reproducing last season’s best seller and you’re pretty much guaranteed success. Design something new and it’s a leap into the unknown- it may turn out to be a big hit or epic flop.

I cringe slightly to use this phase but ‘fortune favours the brave’ where fashion is concerned. Reproduce the same old design with no hint of innovation and you will fall behind.

French Connection

From Sketch to Store celebrates the design process. I’m not suggesting radical change but it would be nice to see variety and originality. Take inspiration from the past by all means but inject it with a good dose of fresh talent (check out GFW for inspirational design- we have some amazing talent in the UK). Congratulations to French Connection for reminding everyone (myself included) just how important originality really is.


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