It’s my party and I’ll wear a crown if I want to….

Dolce & Gabbana

Yes my lovely readers, on Sunday it’s my birthday and I will wear a crown if I want to…

Dolce & Gabbana

If there’s one time of year you can get away with wearing a crown, it has to be your birthday. Ten weeks of watching the ladies of BBC drama ‘The White Queen’ scramble to get their fame hungry mitts on the royal crown has got me in the mood for some serious head candy. In full regal style Dolce & Gabbana sent models down the catwalk this season wearing ornate gold crowns, studded with beautiful gems. I’m not sure if even I could pull this look off, even though I am spending my birthday in the rather glamorous Houghton Hall.


Maybe something more exotic would work? ASOS have a fab selection of Bollywood worthy hair accessories, in a range of jewel tones and intricate shapes. I think it has to be fine weather for such a summer accessory.

My Flash Trash

Flower crowns are not my favourite (a bit too girly for me) but they do work well for festivals and garden parties. Perfect for less formal occasions and add a carefree, hedonistic vibe. My Flash Trash have a sweet little selection featuring this one worn by the super stylish Rosie Fortescue.

Would you wear a birthday crown?


10 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll wear a crown if I want to….

  1. YES! I would wear a crown on my birthday, especially since I’m turning 30 in December. I think the flower crowns are so pretty (lifebeinggirly lol!), but any crown on your birthday is always a “yes!” =)

  2. Totaly! A birthday is the perfect excuse ;0) As you say Garlands are perfect for festivals (ooh I might wear a purple or rose one instead of a vail if I get ‘married’ or a pagan style blessing, whatever) Tiara’s risk you lookingike a fairy princess or a Hen. I think the delicate indian head pieces are stunningly pretty!

  3. I totally would! I wore a teacup for my birthday (even wore it to my very middle-aged male centric work ;)) and I quite fancy wearing a crown for the next one. I think you should be allowed to wear whatever makes you happy! And Houghton Hall is a lovely place to celebrate your birthday! Ann x

  4. Yes, I will ! We are the star on this special day. It is our day so we should do what we want to do and wear. No limit to be cute, hip and trend. Happy Birthday and hope u had a nice birthday party.

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