bareMinerals Make-Up Lesson… a Guide to Colour.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals Guide to Colour- forget what you think you know, these are the NEW rules.

After an hour talking make-up and firing questions at our instructor, my head was buzzing with newly acquired beauty knowledge (thank goodness I made notes- I would have never remembered everything!). I will leave the step-by-step application to the experts, who can explain the kit better than lil ‘ol me (well it’s their invention so I can hardly claim to know all there is about bareMinerals in one session).

bareMinerals Guide to Color

(The kit is £36 but the contents is worth over £55 from bareMinerals).

I did pick up a shed load of tips, so it really was an hour well spent. I will gladly share my info with you here….

– Years spent watching mum putting on her make-up in the mirror has produced a generation of ladies who, like myself, apply their foundation before their eye make-up. With mineral products you’ll notice the particles go everywhere (no matter how careful you are specks of colour fly all over the place!). So it makes sense to apply your eye make-up first, clean your skin of any debris and then apply foundation, concealer, etc- obvious really!

– To frame your eyes sweep a rosy blush around the eye socket and above the check bone. Against all my ‘Coco the Clown’ instincts (and you really do need to be light-handed with this one), the finished look is great, highlighting dramatic eyes. Give it a go and see what you think.

– Remember the 80’s electric blue eyeliner? Well don’t be afraid when I say ‘purple’. Not a shade I would have ever selected by myself (I usually wear black), purple is a subtle alternative that opens the eye and intensifies the iris colour.

Make-Up lesson

(Our lesson took place here, so pretty).

– Never has a brush been such a revelation. The Double Ended Full Tapered Shadow & Blush Brush is my new best friend. It blends, smudges in eyeliner and if you put a little too much colour on, you can use the (clean) blush brush to lighten the look by swishing it over the eyelid, removing some of the product.

– bareMinerals YSL touche éclat (aka the wonder product for blemishes & dark circles) equivalent is also worth a mention too. A Stroke of Light Brightener works by diffusing dark circles and illuminating the area under the eye. Apply a few dots under the eye and gently dab in.

I would whole-heartedly advise anyone to take a make-up lesson, we all had so much fun.


5 thoughts on “bareMinerals Make-Up Lesson… a Guide to Colour.

  1. Thanks for the tips. Had fun reading your post. You have a new follower.

    I am a new blogger so hope you can visit my blog and share your thoughts on how I can improve mine. Keep up the good work!

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