Why I will always love a black maxi dress…

Fashion makes my heart beat faster, turns my head and puts a spring in my step- I love fashion.

This blog and many millions more catalogue every scrumptious item that graces the catwalk. I’m guilty of this and some of the less fashionable items get missed out, passed over for their glossy cousins. That doesn’t make them any less important, a great basic will save the day on a ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment and acts as a great base for an exceptional pair of shoes or statement piece of jewellery.

Each and every year, I buy, without fail, a new black maxi dress. This summer essential makes it easy to go from beach to bar with a flick of mascara and sparkly necklace. Whatever my mood, my black maxi finds a way of pleasing me- could be something to do with how comfortable this wardrobe master is. That’s probably why ‘I’ll always love a black maxi dress’.

Here’s a selection of my favourite maxi dresses (including one that hangs in my wardrobe).

Maxi dress

Mine is the last one from Warehouse.

Issa, £346.50, The Outnet. Dorothy Perkins, £35, Dorothy Perkins. Alice by Temperley, £225, Fannels. Helmut Lang, £165, Harvey Nichols. Warehouse, £22, Warehouse.


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