Blogger is not a dirty word…..

I avoid the ‘so what do you do’ conversation like the plague. It always results in raised eyebrows and confused nods. Blogging can’t really be a career choice, can it? Well actually yes…. it may not make you rich but it can be a ‘real’ job. During a chat session last year about blogging, someone asked Liberty London Girl aka Sasha Wilkins “You make it sound like a full-time job…. how do fit it in with other things (like earning a living)?” To which the ever witty LLG replied “This IS my full-time job!” -enough said.

Slowly attitudes are beginning to change towards bloggers. It’s nice to be invited to shows and snapped for ‘street style’ edits but it’s only recently that brands (or those in charge of  marketing) have really begun to appreciate the value bloggers offer. Yet bloggers seem to be infiltrating main stream fashion at every turn. Here’s a few examples of bloggers who are making their mark on the industry-

Liberty London Girl seems a sensible place to start. Last week the queen of social media popped up on the BBC, commentating on Royal fashion at Ascot.

ELLE magazine

– This week Sophie Osborne (editorial assistant at A Girl, A Style) starts her internship with ELLE. Sophie will be Editor for the October Interns edition of ELLE magazine.

– Jewelley duo Dannijo teamed up with Man Repeller Leandra Medine back in 2011 to design a capsule collection which sold like hot cakes. The latest MR Dannijo collection is on sale right now.

– Anna Hart the woman behind St Molton Street Style landed a role as marketing manager at Vestiaire Collective- a stylish role for a stylish lady.

So repeat after me… ‘Who run the world….. bloggers’

P.S Should point out that Sasha has commentated on Royal Ascot before in her previous role as editor before setting up LLG.


9 thoughts on “Blogger is not a dirty word…..

  1. thisi is one of the best post i ever read. Still noe people don’t understand that in the millions and millions of fashion blogger…there are some of them that they really have the passion..they really love the fashion industry! and study..and read..and work for this..for learn more and more!! So you are so true… i am a fashion designer..but i never make mode accademy…everything that i learn i make it alone…i read book..a lot of hours for try..and the blog is the key to show to all over the world the passion that i have. GREAT HONEY. the last photo on my blog is with one dress that i make with my hands.. i would like to have your opinion.if you want. kisses.

  2. I am only recently a blogger and find this so interesting! I do see it from the other side too, and feel a bit disheartened when people just start blogs to make money and get free things…I do mine as well as a full-time job as I just really care about my content and subject – but have loved doing it and the love out there for blogs is incredible.

  3. I still don’t want to see “proper” journalists replaced by bloggers (for life and death issues),
    I would love to see fashion magazines replaced by fashion blogs. I don’t buy magazines anymore. I’d much rather look to OOTD, street style and fashion bloggers for inspiration.

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