Summer Trend…. Looking for the light


Getting my Thursday night fix of The Good Wife is pure indulgence. Aside from the super cute Cary, fiendishly handsome Will and the phenomenal wardrobe of razor-sharp power suits worn by Alicia; I occasionally find a spark of inspiration for a post.

This weeks series finale focuses on the truth in all its variable shades. In essence, on some level I believe we are all looking for the light, where ever we may find it. Whether it’s the people who make us smile or things that have the feel good factor. Seemingly we seek out the light like a plant in a dark room.

This summer, yet again the sun has failed to really shine out ( a couple of warm days does not a long-hot summer make). Instead there seems to be a trend of adding sunshine to your wardrobe in an attempt to starve off the summer blues. Louis Vuitton kicked off this zingy trend back in Spring- yellow stripes and checks cascaded down the catwalk.

Olivia Palermo

Not quite convinced I’ve steered clear of this trend so far. Mustard I can manage but bright yellow is a different ball game altogether. Enter my style crush Olivia Palermo, looking radiant in yellow and I’m eating my words. But this is Olivia P and she would look stylish in a hessian sack. On Tuesdays’ episode of This Morning the lovely Holly Willoughby emerged wearing a sweet yellow tea dress from Savannah. Holly represents the curvy girl and looks amazing in this trend so now I’m convinced I need to add a little sunshine to my wardrobe. Have you noticed any extra bright pieces sneaking into your wardrobe?

Edit from ASOS.


5 thoughts on “Summer Trend…. Looking for the light

  1. I did a yellow trend piece not too long ago too! And yes, I have at least added one yellow toned piece to my wardrome this year. Something I would never have done before!

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