Bare Minerals Mascara… Tried & Tested

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara

How do you find the perfect mascara?

It’s like trying to find the fountain of youth (pretty much impossible). Dozens of new mascaras flood the market every month, making ever bolder claims…. no clumps, 100% smudge-proof, 70% more volume- I’m in a spin just thinking about it.

Over the years I’ve tried countless brands, there’s usually at least a couple of different mascaras in my make-up kit at any one time. Through experience I’ve nailed it down to three factors- the brush, application and endurance.

This is how Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara stacks up:

The Brush

A great wand is the secret to well-defined, clump free lashes. Bare Minerals mascara has a  360 degree wand so it catches every lash and the tapered end makes it easy to reach the corner of the eye without hitting your eye lid. The handle is just about the right length although for me it could be a little shorter and easier to control.


The fine tooth comb makes the application process simple, a quick sweep of the wand, a little flick in the corners of the eye and that’s it. No clumps or thick, spidery lashes here and you don’t need to separate out the individual lashes either.


The best thing about Bare Minerals is the products are kind to you. No harsh chemicals and hidden nasties, Bare Minerals Mascaras actually condition your lashes. This means you won’t need to reapply before the end of the day and flaking is banned. This mascara doesn’t promise to be waterproof but is smudge proof (so no crying while wearing this one).

The easy application and conditioning formula make it a winner with me.

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