Reading List… FFH Online Loves

Reading List

Don’t panic, this isn’t anything like the dull reading lists at school. These are my top online reads, the sites I visit when I have 5 minutes to spare but be warned…. 5 minutes usually turns into 50- there just that darn good!

Fashion Monitor– These guys never miss a trick. Every launch, appointment, collaboration and any other type of industry news in bite-sized pieces.

Liberty London Girl– Needs no intro (unless you’ve been under a rock for last 7 years!). Sasha infamously broke the news about Kate Moss teaming up with Topshop and regularly features exclusives like a guided tour of Coco Chanel’s Parisian apartment. If you need a little good advice on fashion, beauty, baking or dachshunds- look no further. Style Report– Most children ask for sweets but when my mum went shopping I would always asked for the instore magazine. Instore magazines can be surprisingly good and inspirational. Style Report is my current favourite including the informative style debate.

Prete Moi Paris– Delivers my weekly fix of Parisian chic and Melissa’s recommendations are essential reading for anyone planning on a stylish trip to the French capital.

Really Ree– Handles all my beauty needs. I can pretty much guarantee any product you’re thinking of buying… Really Ree will have tried it out. Never buy another beauty product without checking here first.

Vogue– The fashion bible brings order to my life. Every note-worthy fashion and beauty event from around the globe, chronologically ordered so you never miss anything. EVER.

Wish, Wish, Wish– Sometimes you come across another blogger who inspires you to up your game. It’s not easy admitting that someone else is doing what you do but doing it better. Carrie inspires me to improve the photo’s on Fashion Follows Her. The images on Wish, Wish, Wish are amazing. Simple objects shot in a way that captures the theme of the post and brings the text to life.



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