FFH Weekly Gems….

FFH Weekly Gems

Bank Holiday Monday teamed with the lovely warm weather sparked a little thought- what makes a great FFH Weekly Gem and why is it only jewellery that fits the criteria?

I guess I started doing FFH Weekly Gem posts to add a little sparkle to dull Monday mornings. Looking at shiny, pretty gems and wish-list lust kicks the week off with a certain je ne sais quoi. Anything that glitters on the greyest of days qualifies as a ‘weekly gem’. Working on that criteria I’ve put together a FFH Weekly Gems board designed to add a whole heap of sparkly goodness to the next bank holiday weekend.

From Top: Bombay Duck, Jewel Umbrella– £24.50, ASOS, Sunglasses– £12.50, Debenhams, Cake Slice– £12, Essie, Where’s my chauffeur?– £7.99, Net-a-Porter, RED Valentino shoes– £211, The Estate Yard, Glasses– £7 each, Net-a-Porter, Miu Miu Dress -£1,330, Not on the High Street, Tiffin tin– £39.95.


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