Inside Jaeger

Working for Jaeger is like joining a very stylish family. You never really leave and Jaeger never really leaves you.

I still receive annual invites to the sample sale- a perk usually reserved for current staff and if I don’t keep myself in check, I find myself re-folding other stores merchandise into the perfect, uniform, Jaeger square when I’m shopping. Walking past garments on the floor is like water torture for me. By the time I left Jaeger I had a whole new respect for quality garments- a day spent brushing the stores entire collection of suits will do that to you!


My first day working for Jaeger was spent folding, re-stocking and organising the scarves. Sounds dull I know but the vast assortment of colours, pattens, shapes and sizes is enough to keep anyone entertained for at least a couple of hours. Jaeger has been designing and manufacturing scarves for over a century. The advert below from the Jaeger archives was produced in 1929, now that’s heritage for you. Carrie Bradshaw ‘knows good sex’, Jaeger ‘knows good scarves’.

Jaeger Advert

Opening the Jaeger Gallery and introducing other brands into the Regent Street store, I’m pleased to see a scarf brand sitting alongside Jaeger Boutique. Age of Reason is a quirky, British brand making beautiful scarves with a punk twist. I’m always a big fan of any brand that embraces rebellion.

Age of Reason


(Jaeger advert from the Jaeger 125 book).


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