Fashion in 5 with Emily Cater @ Fashion Monitor

1. What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

Some new trainers! Either a bright pair of Nike high tops (preferably orange) or some New Balance beauties, though they seem impossible to get hold of at the moment. Oh and an Acne leather jacket is a permanent fixture on my wish list too…

2. Describe your own personal style?

A bit of a mish-mash of styles depending on my mood/location. Mostly grungy/boyish and laid back. Key wardrobe pieces day-to-day are a levi’s denim jacket, black skinny jeans, a Breton stripe top and converse as well as my Casio watch. For summer I like vintage dungarees and denim shorts, and for the evening I’m most likely to wear a silk shirt with black leather trousers, heels and a snake-skin clutch. Jewellery wise, I love statement necklaces. Worn over a plain white tee it can liven up a look and add interest.


3. Which trends will you be working this season?

I don’t follow trends religiously and tend to stick to what suits me but I suppose the two trends I am enjoying at the moment are the sporty/grunge look and monochrome.

4. Tell us about your favourite dress and what you love about it?

I don’t wear dresses too often to be honest unless I have a black tie event or I am on holiday. On holiday I love wearing floaty feminine dresses and my absolute favourite at the moment is a white and floral maxi-dress from Mango. It makes me feel elegant and pretty and is so different from my normal day-to-day look.

Evil Twin

5. Your favourite under-rated brand?

Ooh I have a few. Evil Twin and MinkPink are quite cool, and I’m loving &OtherStories at the moment though I’m not sure they’re underrated. For vintage-inspired glamour I love Virgos Lounge, they have amazing dresses at a good price point. Beyond Retro is a firm favourite too.

Thanks so much Emily.xx


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