Shopping around the world…

Fashion Follows Her loves all things online, especially shopping. Travel Supermarket is making it so much easier to decide where to go shopping (when you actually plan on leaving the house that is) with the help of their nifty shopping streets infographics. So when Travel Supermarket asked little ‘ol me to choose my very favourite shopping street in the whole wide-world, I pondered for about 2 minutes and decided it had to be the Avenue des Champs-Elysees/Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Here’s my infographic and why I couldn’t resist Paris.



2 thoughts on “Shopping around the world…

  1. I do understand the historic appeal of the Champs Elysées… but really it is just overrunn with tourists (as glad as I am that they come here to my city and spend their vacation -cough-cough money -cough-cough ) I do not ever feel the thrill of walking up that avenue…the charm is no longer there and there is an overcommercialized feel when I see so many non-french brands takingover the real estate there. There is even Abercrombie! It’s HORRIBLE!
    Shopping on the Faubourg Saint Honoré is much much more distinguished…plus the president lives on that street! How chic!

    • Thanks for the tip off, I guess it’s a bit like tourists shopping on Oxford Street London- it wouldn’t be my first stop but I can see the appeal. It’s almost like if its not ‘your’ city it becomes more about where you are than the shops themselves. I really can’t resist a macaroon tho!

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