ESPA Beauty Review


Bloggers are in it for the freebies, inundated with free gifts from PR firms and brands seeking approval. I hate to disappoint but no, I’m afraid not. Maybe if you’re a super blogger with millions of readers, the postman might be calling more than once.

When a brand does reach out because they like the blog and respect your opinion, it really is a wonderful feeling but it doesn’t change the way I run Fashion Follows Her. If I don’t like a product and wouldn’t use/wear/love/buy/ it myself, I won’t mention the product (my mothers words ringing in my ears ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’). ESPA have been rather clever, sending over a hand written note (indulging my stationary fetish is always a good start) and a set of ‘Little Stars’. Four miniature products to try out before I decide which ones I would like to road test. To be perfectly honest I have yet to try an ESPA product I disliked but Fashion Follows Her is all about love.

Below are two products I love and both sit on my bedside table (aka the beauty cupboard).

ESPA Body Butter

Smooth and Firm Body Butter

It’s only been a week or two so I don’t think I’ve seen this products full potential yet but my skin does seem perkier. Apart from smelling delicious, I was surprised by the way the body butter almost instantly melted into my skin. Usually it takes a serious amount of buffing to work in body butter and a sticky film is left behind on the skin surface. My skin literally sucked up the body butter like a sponge and leaving silky-soft skin behind without the residue.

ESPA Skin Polish

Refining Skin Polish

Hormonal blemishes irritate the living daylights out of me. Nothing cures the nasty blotches when they break out but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to scrub them away. The majority of facial scrubs I’ve tried before have been over aggressive, leaving my skin dry and red. The ESPA Skin Polish has spherical diatomaceous earth to lift impurities which is gentle, leaving my skin clean but soothed. The next morning I inspected my skin in the mirror, my face looked fresh and brighter than usual.

Thanks ESPA.xx



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