Gel Manicure Q&A with Jessica

Jessica nails

When I think of gel manicures it’s all bright white tips and super long nail extensions. Then I hear Jessica have launched a new range of gel manicures and I’m assured by the nice receptionist at my local spa that these are nothing like the gloopy gel manicures I know and hate. Still not really convinced, I decided to gather a little more info from the experts at Jessica to share with you and believe me, these ladies know their nail products…..

– What makes a gel manicure better than traditional polish?

GELeration Soak-Off Gel Polish paints like polish, but performs like gel. No chips, no touch-ups, no fading.

–  Will the gel cause any damage to the nail base?

True to Jessica’s founding philosophy, GELeration has been developed with the long-term health of the natural nail in mind, so the process is kind to nails.


– Will I find my favourite Jessica shade in the gel collection?

You can use any of Jessica’s 200+ colours with the Start and Finish gel base and top

– Will I need to return to the salon when I want the gel removed?

The GELeration removal can be removed in the comfort of your own home, most of our customers have the home removal kits and they are available to purchase from Jessica salons (or click on the link above).

A big thanks to Jo for setting me straight on Jessica’s gel manicures.


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