Jaeger London Olympia City Bag

Jaeger London handbag

Apologies for my tardiness, I honestly don’t know how I forgot to tell you about the latest addition to my bulging Jaeger handbag collection. To be fair this not so little lovely is actually a swapsie- mum was given the Jaeger London Olympia City bag for Christmas but felt it was a bit on the big side for her diminutive frame. So I offered to swap for my Jaeger Bond bag (not much of a sacrifice really since we pool our respective collections anyway). That is how the Olympia City bag came to live with me and has become my everyday bag of choice.

My favourite feature is the fold over top and lock instead of a zip (I never seem to get on well with zips, always trapping something in them). Saying that the nifty side zips are quite handy when I’m carrying around this months Vogue and other goodies in a feeble attempt at multi-tasking. The dentist never has good quality magazines anymore, so I bring my own reading material- makes the whole experience much less painful! What are you carrying this month?


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