How to spot a fake- Top Tips from Vestiaire Collective

No faking it

Want to know how to spot a Fendi from a Fundi? It’s becoming increasing difficult to identify fake products from their genuine counterparts, so I called in the experts to share a few tips. Vestiaire Collective provide a platform for individuals to sell on their unwanted designer goods, verifying each and every products authenticity to safe guard the customer. These guys know their stuff when it comes to counterfeit products.

Over to Vestiaire Collective….

– What are your top tips for spotting fake products?

It sounds simple, but go with your gut and use common sense. If you see a Louis Vuitton handbag for sale on a market stall for £10, it probably isn’t real. If you know you want a particular style and you are hoping to find a vintage or preowned version then you should take a photo around with you of a one from the store itself, or from a catwalk – and compare there and then. Or, use Vestiaire Collective! Cheeky but our quality control team have never been wrong – and it we find it to be counterfeit you don’t part with your money.

– Which brand is the most difficult to detect a fake?

I struggle to see the fakes sometimes but again, our quality control team know instantly.  I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago looking over some Celine Boston mini totes and I couldn’t tell three pieces apart – the team knew within 10 seconds which of them were counterfeit. There have been a couple of times we have contacted brands like Louboutin and Hermes for verification as they do so many limited edition variations we always need to check.

– Is there any difference between spotting counterfeit clothes, shoes or bags?

Clothes can be harder as sometimes rolls of the same print fabrics get into the wrong hands.  With all three it’s the hardware and finishing touches that give it away. Lightweight metals on straps and clasps, poorly made heels and buttons….

-What defines a counterfeit product from the ‘inspired by’ items on the high street?

Good question! Effectively brands cannot trademark themes or trends, but they can trademark quality stamps, their own logos, particular leather finishes or prints. For example, creating a bag in similar style (dimensions, colour, size) to a Hermes Birkin is not illegal but making one with the Hermes logos or their patented stamps very much is.

– Have any fakes slipped through the net?

Not one.

– The most outrageous fraud you’ve come across?

There was one particular Chanel 2.55 that got everybody in a puzzle, in the end we called in Chanel themselves and they found it to be a fake based on the type of metal used in the finishing clasp poppers.

A big thank you to Anna Hart (Marketing Manager at Vestiaire Collective) for sparing the time to set this up. xx



2 thoughts on “How to spot a fake- Top Tips from Vestiaire Collective

  1. Hi
    I wanted to buy the alexander Mcqueen scarves from VC and i didnt, cus after research the ones posted were FAKE! 100% fake..
    To add insult to injury they were sold for 100’s of pounds whereas they are £30 on ebay!
    I had already told them by email and tweet but nothing was done.
    Do not trust them.. and i think people should do their research before dropping hundreds of pounds!

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