Beauty Review- Bare Minerals Ready V’s Bare Minerals Original

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals foundation has lived comfortably in my make-up bag for the last three years. Some people don’t rate the brand (usually because the application process can be quite tricky to master- the golden rule is, work the powder in until your arm aches to achieve perfect coverage) but I love the fact Bare Minerals is one of the only foundations you can go to bed wearing without feeling guilty. Where possible I avoid putting chemicals on my skin, I just don’t think it’s healthy. Admittedly spending 20 minutes applying foundation in the morning is a little tedious but it’s worth it for flawless, natural coverage.

Enter Bare Minerals Ready foundation, a solid foundation that is much easier to apply. Yes you still have to buff the foundation in for a couple of minutes to achieve a smooth finish but the whole process is much quicker and simpler. The compact makes it possible to re-touch your make-up on the go and the same brush works for both the loose and set powder. I did find the Ready foundation clung to any flakes of dry skin so remember to moisturise your skin thoroughly. It’s a tough call between the two products, I still favour the original foundation for a perfect finish but I will happily use the Ready foundation on busy days when time is at a premium.


Precision Face BrushSince publishing this post I’ve attended a Bare Minerals make-up lesson and got to grips with the Ready Foundation. Bare Minerals have bought out a new brush to make the solid foundation much easier to apply. The slanted Precisions Face Brush is perfect for an even (and quick) application, the slanted synthetic bristles produce a medium to full coverage. Unlike the original foundation which is buffed into the skin, the Ready Foundation is swept in long strokes down the face and neck. Different technique- same great finish!


7 thoughts on “Beauty Review- Bare Minerals Ready V’s Bare Minerals Original

  1. I’ve never really had a problem blending the original bareMinerals foundation. I just buff it in for a few seconds, and I’m good to go. We’re talking three minutes tops. Are being serious that it takes you 20 minutes to blend it in? I would think that if it’s taking that long to blend, it may not be the right shade for your face. 20 minutes is a long time!

    • When Bare Minerals first started Leslie Blodgett was finding lots of women complaining that the product didn’t work for them but it turned out they just didn’t know how to apply the foundation correctly so she hosted tutorials on QVC to teach women how to apply the foundation properly (I was lucky enough to attend a Bare Minerals class in person). I think Leslie jokingly said something like ‘keep buffing away until your arm aches’ but I think it really depends on what type of coverage you want to achieve. Personally I don’t have great skin (which is why I was attracted to Bare Minerals) so I have to layer up the foundation to avoid that cakey look but yes 20 minutes is about right.

      • That’s great you had a chance to go to a real life tutorial. I guess, I am just lazy because I could never buff for 20 minutes. lol. The foundation probably looks extra great on you though, since you make the extra effort. You should post a picture of you wearing each of the foundations sometime. It would be great to compare/contrast. I am a bareMinerals lover, but I’ve never tried the Ready foundation.

    • The same shade wise but it does take a little figuring out- Bare Minerals have numbered the new Ready range but I found my shade by looking at the description ‘light with olive undertones’ of the Original foundation and matched this to the description of the Ready foundation.

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