Fashion in 5 w/ Fashionista Barbie

Fashionista Barbie

1. What’s on your wish-list at the moment?

 I have a constant wish-list on the go that always features a new handbag – at the moment it is a studded Rebecca Minkoff beauty, a statement piece of jewellery – currently lusting over rings, as well as a hot new Barbie – I really want this cute Catwoman one. Basically accessories, stationery and Barbie dolls!!!

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B Bag

2. Describe your own personal style?

 I tend to opt more for casual comforts than OTT glamour. Saying that I am trying to push myself and wear different things this year. To be honest I love nothing more than wearing jeans and a statement top teamed with a great handbag, an arm stack of bracelets and a pair of biker boots.

3. Which trends will you be working this season?

I am loving that the high street really picked up on all the 60’s monochrome from the catwalk, which is especially good for me as I do love to wear black.


4. Tell us about your favourite dress and what you love about it?

I love fit n’ flare style dresses and I have a gorgeous hot pink one from Whistles that I love. It basically brightens up any day and instantly cheers me up – plus it has three-quarter sleeves that means I can wear it all year round.

5. Your favourite under-rated brand?

Currently my favourite under-rated brand would have to be Gap. I know it is a big name but I only recently discovered all the great basics it offers as well as a great range of denim. I am loving my new boyfriend jeans I just bought and they also do great wardrobe staples such as blazers and stripy tees.

Astley Clarke Guide to the Galaxy

 I would also have to say Astley Clarke – I am loving their delicate bracelets, perfect for stacking or making a statement on their own. I am also lusting after their stack-able rings – the ones with the stars on are amazing.

Thanks so much Danielle.xx


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