Why I dream of Chanel….


You’d be forgiven for assuming Chanel Haute Couture is a closely guarded secret. Locked away within the inner sanctum of Chanel HQ Paris, in a gold vault marked ‘Top Secret’. Something as precious as Chanel must be protected, preserved to maintain the brands exclusivity. Karl Lagerfeld has bucked the trend and invited the world to take a peek inside the wondrous realm of Chanel.

Chanel 4

Starting with a detailed look at how the Chanel pixies construct the intricate couture pieces. Meticulously pinning and darning delicate fabrics, feathers and beads to create stunning garments. This season metallic strips of silk have been woven together to make rich, textured, shimmering fabrics.

Chanel C

Chanel CC

Camera’s caught the backstage action at the Grand Palais, capturing the models mischief. Chanel has embraced social media, streaming shows live and uploading informative interviews with Karl Lagerfeld on the Chanel website. Bringing audiences closer to the brand than ever before.

Chanel 1

Chanel 2

The extensive archives have been opened to the public, including sketches, pictures of Coco Chanel, news cuttings and illustrations. Seeing the relationship between the brands heritage and the inspiration behind the current collection, it’s hard not to fall in love with such an enchanting brand. Even Choupette (Karls’ cat) is giving her perspective by producing little kitty cat-cam video’s of various photo shoots.

Chanel Karl

Someone once told me ‘be generous with your ideas, truly inspirational people will always come up with new ideas and can afford to be intellectually open.’ Closely guarded brands fear their concept will be copied but for the customer to connect with a brand, to whole-heatedly fall in love, there needs to be honesty and trust. Inviting the world in will not diminish the mystery and magic if the product really is fabulous. Seeing Chanel up close has tugged on my heart strings- this is why I dream of Chanel.


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