Perfume Cabinet- Sneak Peek….


My cosmetics cabinet is legendary (and bursting at the seams!), experimenting with different looks and styles is the only way you can truly get to know what suits you. Finding perfume to suit your personality and taste is like finding the right man, hard to define and needs a little practice. Over the years I have gathered together quite a collection of perfume bottles, some more popular than others. I prefer to wear perfume that suits my mood, these are my absolute favourites:

Dior Addict- Reminds me of hot, heady nights dancing away in what now seems like a former life. This scent is so distinctive and sexy, it really is intoxicating.

Cerruti 1881- A classic, not worn very often. Has a regal tone- I feel like it needs to be teamed with pearls but I adore the Jasmine heart note.

Beyond Paradise, Estee Lauder- Tropical and zesty (also my mums favourite scent).

True Star- I’ve had this for ages (not sure if it’s even still available), quite a warm and spicy scent, modeled on the lovely Beyonce.

Armani Code- This is my everyday perfume, quite zesty with a strong heart note of orange blossom. Perfume to rule the world in!

Dior Addict 2- My summer scent, energetic and fresh. Citrus top notes have me reaching for the Pimm’s.

What’s your favourite scent? Do you like to experiment or stick to one signature scent?



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