Mr Selfridge…. Silence on the High Street

Mr Selfridge

Downton Abbey left a whole in our hearts and a large slot in the Sunday night schedule.  Never fear, Mr Selfridge has arrived and he’s putting on a show…..

Arguably I’m not the toughest critic, period dramas are firmly fixed at the top of my one-to-watch list but who wouldn’t fall in love with Harry Selfridge? I was already aware that Selfridges revolutionized the high street, changing the way is which stores conducted their business but seeing Mr Selfridge on-screen is another thing entirely. What a show man, Harry Selfridge really knew how to capture our hearts and imagination with a little razzle dazzle. Customers had a reason to visit the store, to explore all the wonders Selfridges had tucked away inside the iconic store. One concept Mr Selfridge introduced was the Silence Room, a place where shoppers could “retire from the whirl of bargains and the build up of energy”. Perfect for the modern, frazzled shopper to re-charge their batteries and gather their thoughts.

TSRThis is only part of Selfridges ‘No Noise‘ plan, an initiative to tempt people in-store. This is key to reviving our Great British high street- giving customers an experience they can’t find online, putting on a show. Retailers should follow in Mr Selfridges footsteps by offering customers something unique, something worth giving up their precious time for (lets face it, who wouldn’t like a couple more hours in the day?!) Only then will we be tempted back on to the high street.



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