Five Five Fabulous…….We talk to Reem & Natalya


Five Five Fabulous stop by to talk Rihanna, River Island collaborations and what’s next for the fabulous sisters…..

Reem you’ve been busy touring with Rihanna on her 777 tour- just how fabulous was this?

– It was the experience of a lifetime, I really enjoyed getting a first hand feel for what it’s like to tour with a superstar. Everyone was interesting, everyone was fun and the cities I got to visit were all amazing.

How did the 777 project come about?

– River Island was a sponsor of the tour and they invited me along!


Your River Island collection was a great success, how did this collaboration happen?

– Arieta, the brand’s PR Manager got in touch with me about the project and I was like ‘Hell Yeah!’. It was right up my street and something I would do over and over again.

Tell me about your favourite pieces from the collection?

– I love all our pieces and I’m so thrilled with the feedback. I use the iPhone case daily as a purse. It’s fabulous!

55Fab RI

After collaborating with River Island would you consider designing a full Five Five Fabulous range?

– 100%. Natalya and I both have degrees in design and it’s something we’ve dabbled in before- you never know.

Working with your sister must be fun but how do you decide who does what?

– It’s simple, I do all the business side of stuff and Natalya gets to join in on all the creative stuff, we have a good back and forth so it works well.

I guess working together you can both play to your individual strengths?

– Definitely, Natalya is great at trend predicting and knowing what’s hot right now so she always fills me in. I’m good at PR and talking to people.

R & N

(Reem and Natalya work the decks at Selfridges).

Are you excited about the way the fashion industry is engaging with bloggers? 

– For sure, bloggers are a huge part of the fashion industry, brands have welcomed us warmly.

What’s next for Five Five Fabulous?

– Who knows. Right now, I’m just excited to go on holiday with Natalya in a couple of weeks and get some down time!

Enjoy your holiday lovely ladies, we can’t wait to see what’s next……



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