Mani Monday…..Starry night

Monday has been re-christened Mani Monday by beauty geeks everywhere- including moi.

Grazia have introduced a dedicated space for readers to upload their paint jobs and I couldn’t resist getting in on the sparkly fun. This week I fancied doing something special and that could only mean one thing…..glitter!! Gold stars to be precise.

This is how I created my look- Starry Night.

Give your nails a coat of charcoal grey varnish (I’m using 17 Smoke Signal). On your fingers add a top coat of glitter (I’m using Black Knight from Butter London). Sweep a stripe of glitter across your thumb from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner. Take one of the gold stars and gently bend to the curve of your nail, using a little dot of clear varnish fix the star to the top corner of your nail. To make sure the star is securely fixed, give all nails a couple of coats of clear polish to finish the look. Job done.


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