Giles Deacon @ Matches…….Stationery Freaks

Calling all stationery freaks…….Giles Deacon Matches Collection.

This week I discovered I am not alone in my obsession for stationery……a few of my fellow tweeters share my passion, so this post is for you. Giles Deacon has designed a capsule collection for Matches. Accessories, homeware and dresses feature beautiful hand-drawn illustrations depicting a series of dolls created by Giles. Rumor has it the dolls are based on real life characters but the designer refuses to admit who, stating ‘Well, yes, but I could never disclose exactly who’ ( 

(Leah illustrated notebook, £45. The collection launches 13th November 2012)

Personally I don’t think you can ever have too many notebooks, currently I have three on the go. One for work, one for organising my hectic home life (I have a sieve like brain and only survive by making copious amounts of to-do lists) and one for noting down creative inspirations as they arise. As beautiful as all three are, I don’t think I can resist buying this Giles Deacon notebook.

(My three notebooks, lovely aren’t they…..)

Confess your stationery addiction, I’d love to see your stationery hoard…….


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