October Loves List….

October loves list is a bit late but perfectly formed (even if I do say so myself). All Hallows Eve (Halloween to you and I) is only a few days away, this is one of my favourite holidays and I can guarantee pumpkin carving will ensue. This year I will be carving my pumpkin into a Chanel emblem (LDN Fashion have a step-by-step guide on how to carve a chic Chanel pumpkin). Halloween doesn’t have to be ghoulish, amp up the Gothic glam by paint your nails black- add sparkles and glitter for a girly twist. Time to fish out the winter pajamas, nothing says ‘sung as a bug in a rug’ like a onesie, these two from Next are ultra snug and warm (I have both of them and literally fell in love with them at first wear). I should warn you though the buttons are a little loose so either wear a top underneath or sow the button holes up just a smidge to stop them popping open. Vogue helpfully supplied a sample of Dior Nude foundation in this months issue (I try quite a few samples in the pursuit of the perfect foundation) and this one is pretty good- actually it’s fantastic. I’m drinking Pukka Tea since visiting Imagine Spa, if fact I’m drinking a cup of Detox tea right now. Unlike other herbal teas PukkaHerbs is natural sweet and bursting full of flavor.  A couple of posts ago I introduced readers to Atterley Road, the online boutique stocking my favourite high street brands. Today I ordered this cute rose print shirt dress from Designers Remix, will tell you more about this when my latest treasure arrives. Last but not least this gold metallic Lara Bohinc bag…..I don’t think I need to say more, its gorgeousness speaks for itself.

What on your love list this October?!!


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