How to do a Yayoi Kusama style manicure

Give your tentacles a DIY Yayoi Kusama inspired manicure, just follow my easy guide……

This is the season to get creative with your nails, the bolder, the better. Take a look at a few of the wacky nail trends gracing Fashion Week this season and give nail art a go. Start by preparing the nail, removing old varnish, trimming the nail with large clippers to achieve a nice straight edge and file down any sharp corners.

Apply a base coat of pillar box red, I’m using Dior Vernis 999 Red Royalty as it has a super shiny finish. Wait until the polish is dry (that’s my top tip- it’s much easier to apply the spots when the nails are dry and there’s no risk of smudging the base coat). The dots are a bit fiddly but not impossible, use a good quality white polish with a round brush and gently dot the spots on. Give the whole nail a clear top coat when the spots have dried and you’re all done- Yayoi Kusama inspired manicure complete!! Well done you….

Let me know how you got on and I’d love to see your manicure Monday creations. xx


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