Keep hold of your Clutches

Carrying a clutch with what the french call ‘je ne sais quoi’ is harder than it looks. Neatly tucked under the arm can be tricky; squeeze too tight and you give off the impression of carrying round the crown jewels in your purse (not chic!). Too loose and you’re likely to lose grip of the slippery little sucker, spilling your worldly goods all over the pavement. There’s no graceful way of retrieving the contents of your bag- think SATC Carrie in Dior.

Not known for prioritizing function, it comes as a pleasant surprise that a few designers seem to have focused on making the customer’s life a bit easier. Attaching nifty loops and panels that the wearer can slide her hand through, making the clutch much easier to carry. I can testify to this, the newest addition to my Jaeger handbag family is the mini Jaeger London clutch (don’t you just love birthdays?!) Carrying this little darling has been a breeze.Images from Selfridges and my-wardrobe. From the top left: Aila £230, Maison Du Posh £395, Aila £230, Marc by Marc Jacobs £315, MCQ Alexander McQueen, £170,


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